You Must Know This About Rabies Dog Bite

Rabies is a terrible disease, because when there are clinical symptoms in humans and animals it may lead to death. So what should be done if bitten by a rabies dog? Before it comes to how to deal with bites of rabies-infecting animals, people need to know or recognize the signs of these rabies-carrying animals. Additionally, if you suffer a dog bite with a risk of rabies due to someone else’s carelessness, we recommend you to hire a certified dog bite lawyer to sue that person.

Rabies is not only dogs. Monkeys and cats are also rabies carriers. Signs of rabies in animals vary widely, such as changes in behavior. Changes in behavior are shown by infected animals by finding cold and aloof, aggressive places orbiting objects that move including biting their owners.

In addition, animal behavior can be characterized by eating objects that are not supposed to be food, hypersexual, excessive salivation, convulsions, paralysis or paralysis. After that, the animal will die within 14 days but generally die 2-5 days after the signs are seen.

Not only through bites, but rabies virus transmission can also occur by licking or scratching. Then what to do when bitten by the animals?

There is a standard procedure for dealing with rabies. In essence, the handling of rabies-borne animal bite cases aims to prevent rabies in humans.

The first thing to do is to wash the bite wound with soap for 15 minutes. This is very important and must be done immediately after exposure (licking, scratches or bites) by rabies infectious animals to kill the rabies virus that is around the bite wound.

After that, the victim is given an antiseptic after washing the wound to kill the rabies virus that still remains around the bite wound. Antiseptics that can be given include povidone-iodine, 70% alcohol, and other antiseptic substances.

Furthermore, the provision of Anti Rabies Vaccine and Anti Rabies Serum can be obtained at the hospital. The aim of giving VAR and Anti Rabies Serum is to awaken the body’s immune system against the rabies virus and it is hoped that the antibodies formed will neutralize the rabies virus.

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