You Must Know These Tricks When You Wear Bracelets

Although this accessory is widely used, it turns out the wrong wearing a bracelet also makes a messy appearance. Moreover, if you also wear other accessories such as necklaces and rings too. Additionally, you can go to if you’re also looking for some of the best steel bracelets.

Here are some of the tricks to wearing a bracelet so it looks good on you:

Adjust to Clothing

When wearing long-sleeved clothing, you should not use a bracelet. If you want to keep wearing a bracelet, choose a small bracelet or you can also wear a bracelet over the elongated sleeve. Meanwhile, if you wear short-sleeved clothing, avoid wearing a thick bracelet, patterned, or with excessive detail. Conversely, when wearing sleeveless clothing, you should wear a bracelet that is more prominent.

When Wearing a Watch

When wearing a watch, you should avoid using a watch on the same side of the arm as the bracelet. Or, if you already wear a bracelet, you should not wear a watch, so that the focus of direct attention on the flanged hand.

Other Accessories

If you wear other accessories such as necklaces or rings, choose a matching color so that you do not necessarily like a walking jewelry store.

Hand Size

The size of the bracelet must be adjusted to the size of the hand. For large hands, it is advisable to choose a bracelet that is three centimeters thick. When choosing a thin bracelet, you should wear 3-5 strings. If the hands are small or medium, you should choose a bracelet that is rather thick, up to six centimeters in size, or the long shape.

Don’t Force Yourself to Follow The Upcoming Bracelet Trends

Although trends can be your best bet to choose bracelets, it will look bad on you of you force yourself wearing a bracelet that doesn’t suit your style. Therefore, you must prefer wearing a bracelet that matches your fashion taste so your appearance can look complete instead of looking like as if it’s being forced upon you.

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