You Must Know How To Eat Sushi Properly Even If You Can Cook Using A Sushi Kit Yourself

It turns out that there are still many people who eat sushi in the wrong way, different from how they eat in Japanese society. These mistakes don’t hurt anyone, but it doesn’t hurt to start trying to eat sushi the right way! Even if you can cook sushi using a sushi kit yourself, who knows, it might taste even more delicious and the dining experience will be maximized.

Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa said that there are generally two main mistakes when someone is eating sushi and they shouldn’t.

1. Mix wasabi with soy sauce

It cannot be denied that this habit is often done by sushi connoisseurs. Especially those who always use wasabi. Chef Nobu said that when he arrived in the United States, many people added wasabi to soy sauce. That is not right. Apart from wasabi, many people also over-mix togarashi (chili powder). That should not be done either.

2. Plunging the nigiri rice into the soy sauce

The next mistake you shouldn’t make is to toss the nigiri rice into soy sauce. As well as spoiling the taste, this can also make the rice messy and separate from the fish meat slices on the sushi. The rice will be too salty because of the soy. Soyu has a lot of sodium, too much is not good.

Now that you know what not to do, it’s time to talk about how to eat sushi the right way.

1. Apart from using chopsticks, it is better to eat sushi by hand

If you use chopsticks, make sure the rice part of the nigiri is not exposed to the soy sauce. If it is difficult, it doesn’t hurt to use your hand.

2. Use ginger as a palate cleanser after eating sushi

Many people are mistaken and eat ginger like a snack. It turns out that the ginger is provided by the restaurant as a way to clean someone’s palette after eating sushi.
Use ginger as a palate cleanser after eating sushi. For example, after eating salmon nigiri and going to eat maguro nigiri, it’s a good idea to eat ginger first. The reason is to let your tongue be ‘reset’ and can distinguish the taste of the two types of fish.

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