You Can Try These Meat Substitutes For Vegetarians!

The growing popularity of the vegetarian lifestyle, making meat substitute ingredients increasingly appear. Vegetables to whole grains, processed in such a way that they look and taste similar to meat. Even though it is made from vegetable ingredients, the taste is no less delicious. There are even some artificial meat menus that were popular, especially among healthy life lovers. You can go to if you wish to buy some bean-based meats.

Then, what meat substitutes are suitable for vegetarians?


The chewy and fibrous texture of mushrooms is often used as a substitute for meat. The glutamate that produces umami flavor in mushrooms is quite high, so it has a quite strong savory taste. Usually, mushrooms are processed by sautéing or used as a substitute for patty on burgers. This type of button mushroom or oyster mushroom is also often processed into satay because of its texture that resembles chicken meat. Not only delicious, but mushrooms are also often chosen as a substitute for meat because of their high fiber content. The calories are also low, which is only about 42 kcal per 100 grams of mushrooms. So, it is suitable for a delicious but healthy diet.


Just like mushrooms, eggplant has a chewy texture with a strong savory taste. Not surprisingly, eggplant is often processed into a vegetarian-friendly meat substitute. Eggplant is also suitable for processing; baked, fried in flour, until cooked in coconut milk. Eggplant is usually served as a side dish or mainstay snack that is low in calories but rich in fiber.


Soybeans are the main ingredient in tempeh and tofu. Well, these two healthy food ingredients are often used to substitute meat in various preparations. Nowadays many vegetarian specialty restaurants use soybeans as their main ingredient. Besides being processed into tofu and tempeh, soybeans can also be boiled or roasted with various spices.


Recently, jackfruit has become one of the favorite meat substitutes for vegetarian activists. The texture is fibrous, it does resemble shredded meat fibers. The taste of jackfruit, which tends to be bland, can be combined with various herbs and spices. It is even suitable for modern preparations, from burger patties, pizza toppings, to baked goods with various spices.

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