Why The Choice Of Paint Is Important

Painting the walls of the house with the help of professional wikipedia reference is one of the fastest ways to give a different atmosphere to our homes. Little do we know, it turns out that minimalist nuances, elegant nuances, or cheerful nuances require different wall paints to maximize the results. Painting houses is not just about giving new colors to our homes. But it also gives a different atmosphere and nuance, our homes can feel more cheerful, warmer, and even more intimate when our wall paint colors are updated or changed.

The choice of paint can also affect the impression that is given in the room. Latex paints that are most often on the market are considered very easy to clean, durable, and have neat pores. Most latex-based wall paints are suitable to be applied to various types of rooms in the house. On the other hand, oil-based wall paints are usually more suitable for wood surfaces because they tend to protect against scratches or stains more than paints made from latex. Despite its shortcomings, oil-based wall paints last longer to dry. Even though You can also coat oil-based wall paint as a base for the surface to be painted again with regular latex paint. One of the important things about wall paint that we must remember together. The more shiny the finish of the paint on the wall surface, the easier the wall will be to clean.

If you want to decorate or paint a room that is intended for small children and a room that is often visited, such as the dining room or family room, it doesn’t hurt to choose wall paint with a shiny finish because of any stains that stick to the walls, we can clean it. Walls that are prone to stains, such as kitchens, especially need glossy paint so that stains that accidentally land on the walls can be easily cleaned even if only using a damp sponge.

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