Which One to Choose: Office Renovation or Moving to New Office?

The dilemma decides to renovate the old office or move to a new office location? When you decide to do Office Interior Renovation or move to a new office, both of them need to take into account budget allocations, employee mobility and project time. One aspect that is the main basis for making choices is the number of employees in the office at this time and the plan to add employees in the future. If you are in a condition where the office space can still accommodate employees or headcounts, office renovation is the solution. However, if the company experiences significant developments both in business and adding a large number of headcounts, then the choice to move to a new office with a larger office area is the best solution that must be implemented.

The area of the office must be tailored to the needs of the company. Ideally, the office section has several areas such as reception area, meeting room, director room, room manager, area staff, pantry, storage, server room, and prayer room. If the old office is considered to be sufficient to accommodate the company’s essential needs, then renovation by planning an open plan office layout to reduce partitioning, dividers, and renewing office interior design is a workable solution. However, if the company requires additional space such as a board meeting room, town hall, training room, and a wider staff area, then the choice to move to a wider office area is the best solution.

There are several buildings that have good building construction but poor maintenance, resulting in public facilities such as lobbies, toilets, ceilings and public kitchens being damaged and dirty. This can certainly be a major factor for tenants to move to better buildings and do not need to carry out old office renovations. Each building certainly has a varied rate and needs to be adjusted to the company’s budget and preferences.

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