Want to Make a Koi Pond, Where to Start?

Are you a fan of ornamental fish, especially koi fish? For those of you koi fish fans, you will certainly not be confused anymore to make a pond for your favorite koi. Did you know that a koi pond can enhance your home design? The presence of a fish pond makes your house look beautiful and beautiful. Especially if a fish pond is added to the presence of various green plants around its walls or a fountain model that can make the eye interested in seeing a koi pond in your yard. That is what makes koi ponds more desirable for some people. For those of you beginners, of course, you will be confused with the process of making a koi pond. What should be considered in making a koi pond? How is a koi pond that is safe and ensures health and growth for these beautiful koi?

Raising koi fish has many advantages, but it is not easy to ride this koi fish, which is not believed to have come from Japan, because the quality of koi pond water must always be maintained. This is related to the design and method of making a good koi pond. Koi fish should be placed in a large pond. For its water needs, every inch of fish is proportional to 10 gallons of water. This is not unreasonable. Koi fish will live a long time if they are in a place where the water is kept clean and of good quality. In addition to the volume of water, it is also necessary to pay attention to the pH of the koi pond water. Check the pH of the air before and after the fish diet. Especially for koi fish, pH around 7 is the ideal pH. If the pH is higher than 7, the danger of ammonia poisoning will be more susceptible to koi. Meanwhile, the pH can also drop to 5.5 as the activity of fish, plants, and bacteria. Of course, this is very dangerous for koi.

Koi ponds are large and invincible in terms of density or number of fish. Also, the construction of a koi pond drain is something to note. Normally, the embodiment of a koi pond is done twice a year.

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