Want a smart online business? Get to know these terms

Have you ever heard of the term online shop? Yes, recently the wholesale formula reviews that online shops have become a favorite of many people in terms of buying and selling of goods because apart from being easy and simple, online shops are also considered to be more efficient in helping many people find the desired item. You only need to open the internet at home, either through a cellphone or computer, then look for the item you want to buy, then you just have to transfer the money according to the nominal to be purchased, wait a few days, then your ordered item will arrive home, that’s how it works online shop. There are quite a lot of sites that offer to buy and selling of goods themselves for now.

But in an online shop or online business, there are many terms that you may rarely hear before. This usually makes a lot of ordinary people confused about the language that is often used by online sellers. The term buyer is used in the language of the online shop which means a buyer or person who will buy an item. Meanwhile, Seller is the opposite of Buyer, which means the seller. A seller is an online shop owner or a person who sells goods to a buyer. If you make buying and selling transactions online, then you will be familiar with the word receipt. A receipt is proof of payment in writing when someone sends goods. Now, if you have bought an item, then don’t forget to collect the receipt from the seller or seller. Booked is a condition where an item has been ordered by someone, so the seller will say that the item has been in someone else’s book.

Unlike return, a refund means canceling the agreed transaction. Refunds may be made if there are technical errors such as money already transferred, it turns out that the stock is empty, so the buyer can ask for a refund or refund. Return means return, usually return is made when someone gets a defective item when buying an item. Then the buyer can make a return or return to the seller or exchange it. If Out Of Stock is the opposite of Ready Stock, that is, the stock in the seller’s hand is empty, then the buyer has to wait until the stock he wants to order is ready. If this one is rarely heard in the online world, but there are still some who use the term Hit And Run. Hit And Run mean someone who promises to buy an item, but in fact, he runs away. Or it also applies to people who like to ask questions about goods, but never buy them.

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