Unique Writing By Choosing The Right Nib Fountain Pen

For those of you who like to write, you want your writing to be more neat and beautiful. Do not miss having and using the best fountain pen. This ancient pen was indeed classic, but the writing was artistic. You must know that this type of fountain pen has been known for a long time as a writing tool that has different components from pens in general and the way it is used is also very unique. Fountain pens have a sharp tip like an arrow tip. The fountain pen comes with a refillable ink bag, a fountain pen can be filled through the tip of the pen. The trick is to use an ink vacuum that is inserted into the ink pocket inside the pen. However, the method of filling may vary depending on the type and brand of fountain pen itself.

When you are choosing a fountain pen, the important thing to consider is choosing the right pen tip, which is according to your taste, writing style, and of course according to your needs. Most fountain pens now have a round head shape, which can form the same line width when writing. Another form of the head is the italic nib. Its characteristics are that it has a wide, flat tip, which can create a wide vertical line and a thin horizontal line.

On the other hand, there is also a fountain pen that has a little flexibility in its eyes. With a more flexible pen eye, we will be able to make more varied lines, because if we apply a little pressure when writing, it can make the lines thicker and this will make your writing look different. However, if the pen is not flexible, it will cause no variation in the line size in your writing.

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