Types Of Plumber

Plumbing is a phrase that associates with water piping systems in structures and is verbatim connected to restricted water systems. The term plumbing itself if analyzed, plumbing is a piping system that controls the circulation and distribution of clean water and wastewater in structures. The MIRACLE ROOTER works include pipe installation work along with all elements and tools of the piping system. The plumbing design is designed by a piping architect in association with a construction engineer.

A plumber is namely a person who works with expertise in the installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems in residential areas, offices, hotels, and industrial environments. A plumber can work on a freelance basis, in a team of contractors, or work within a group. They assemble, install, or repair plumbing and fittings, heating, drainage systems, etc. They also assemble pipe segments, tubing, fittings, using couplings, threaded components, or welding.

At first glance, the duties and work of a plumber are the same as a pipe fitter. But actually, there are differences, such as in the area of work and the type of piping system. A plumber is in control of operating on water pipes associated with plumbing systems in facilities, while pipefitters operate in the location of piping structure projects that yield on all pipes.

If distinguished based on the specialist work, Plumber can be divided into types, namely:

1. Residential Plumber
A residential Plumber is a plumbing specialist who specializes in working in residential or residential areas. They work on plumbing and equipment related to clean water, including repairs to kitchen sink drains, bathrooms, drainage, and other plumbing around the housing.

2. Commercial Plumber
Commercial Plumber is a professional plumber serving jobs in industrial and commercial environments. They work in retail spaces, industrial buildings, schools, and hospitals. Commercial plumbers are professionals who handle more plumbing systems than residential plumbers. They have a wider range of expertise, installation of clean water lines, sprinkler systems, sewers, and so on. Commercial plumbers can work in boilers, sewer lines, or lift stations. These professionals can be called in for repairs at any time, including weekends and holidays.

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