Traveling To Become Richer

Hello, fellow travelers! I am just a simple traveler that loves to spend time wandering around in a new place and simply enjoy the atmosphere of the foreign community. This blog is just a place where I store all the memories and plans on traveling with the information that I probably need when I decide to travel to someplace and hopes it could help you to.

Ever heard the saying, ‘Traveling is when we spend a lot of money but it makes us richer?‘ Most people, or maybe everyone, live to pursue happiness. And there is no need to deny it that money is one important key to getting it. With the money, we can meet basic needs such as healthy living, eating well, sharing happiness with others, and various other things. The question is, how should we manage our finances to get happiness because almost all people in this world have limited money. There is a logical assumption in our society, that we will spend more money on physical objects than spend it on unreal things – such as travel experiences, watching favorite music concerts, and many other things that are ‘not tangible ‘. Physical objects lead to longer happiness, that’s an assumption that is now logically accepted by society.

Is it true? Based on the latest research, that assumption turns out to be completely wrong! According to Thomas Gilovich, a professor of psychology, the biggest enemy of happiness is an adaptation. We buy various interesting things that are interesting (at first) to get happiness. It worked, but it didn’t last long. Eventually, we will adapt to these objects. So, instead of spending money to always upgrade gadgets, cars, and other physical objects that always seem tempting, Thomas Gilovich suggested it would be better to spend it on things like watching a favorite singer’s music concert, learning new skills or traveling. The experiences that imprint on our hearts and ourselves will lead to happiness that can last longer. That is why I keep on traveling because I want to live a full and happy life!

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