Tips On How To Properly Clean The Carpet

Some people complain that their house cannot be clean and tidy. Even though some habits can be done. This routine that is carried out regularly certainly makes you not feel overwhelmed to keep the house clean. You have to get in the habit of cleaning the house all the time. Especially at this time, the coronavirus or COVID-19 is endemic throughout the world. You should sweep and mop the floors at least once a day. Maybe for sweeping, you can do it more than once. Especially if your house has many residents. If you have a carpet at home, you also need to pay attention to its cleanliness. Carpet is one of the home interior accessories which is very important for covering the floor. For those of you who are busy working outside the home and don’t have time to clean, you can use services as an option in making your home cleanliness easier.

You can use the carpet service every 2 to 3 months so that the cleaning is maximal. This is very important to keep the child from getting sick and to make sure the carpet is clean free of mites. But if you intend to do it yourself then you can do daily maintenance on the carpet by wiping the carpet outside to drop the dirt. Place a piece of thin, loose-fiber cloth, such as a light cotton pillowcase and filter cloth, on the carpet. Vacuum the covered area of the carpet. The dust will be sucked in through the crevices without damaging the carpet hair.

Carpets are not only clean enough, they also need to have a nice smell. One way to get rid of musty smell on a carpet and make it smell good is to use baking soda powder. The trick, you only need to sprinkle this powder evenly throughout the carpet.

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