Tips for Starting a Dance

Reluctant to be alone when other people mingle to dance and have fun? Need to get ready to dance at a friend’s wedding? If you can’t join the fun on the dance floor because you don’t have enough confidence or can’t dance, then take it easy! Take the time to learn some basic dance or dance moves so you can spontaneously dance with your partner, or impress your guests with a beautiful swing dance at a friend’s wedding. If you are interested in Swing dance, visit

First of all, try to catch the beat of the song. If needed, follow the rhythm of the song while counting, snapping your fingers, or clapping to the beat. Once you’ve caught a beat to the rhythm of the song, start moving by nodding your head. It’s easier to move your body if you move your head to the rhythm of the song. So you can pick up on the beat in the song, listen to the drums or bass sounds. These instruments are usually sounded according to the rhythm of the song.

Move weight left and right. Once you can pick up on the beat to the song, learn some simple leg movements. First of all, transfer your weight to one leg. Raise the other leg so that you are standing on one leg or use the ball of your foot to support it. Swing your body back and forth or to the side to the rhythm of the song. On the next beat, transfer all of your weight onto the other leg. You can shift your weight every 1 beat but practice according to your ability until you can move your legs comfortably before dancing faster. You will need to “rock” your body a little in a bouncing motion in order to transfer your weight to the other leg. Also, do a bounce on the beat when you are not shifting your weight.

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