Tips for Making a Functional Small Kitchen

Are you currently living in a limited-size occupancy such as an apartment or small house? One problem that often arises is that the kitchen provided is too small to accommodate various activities in the space. Seeing how currently cooking enthusiasts continue to increase, but on the one hand, not everyone has a spacious kitchen like in the popular cooking video on Youtube, we can just make the most of the small kitchens that exist today. Or if you are preparing an excess budget, you can try renovating with Newcastle Kitchen Renovations and following these tips.

Find a small sink
When buying an apartment or small apartment, it is not uncommon for the default kitchen that is provided is a single bowl sink with a drainer beside it. Often times the bowl from the default sink is actually very small and shallow so it is less efficient when used for washing dishes. In addition, the drainer provided is a waste area because it is difficult to use as a work area in the kitchen. Therefore, it is better if the kitchen sink is replaced with a single bowl type without a drainer, but has a minimum size of 40 cm. It is better if the sink is also installed with an under-mount system so that the work area on the kitchen countertop is more spacious and dirt can be cleaned more easily.

Try to choose built-in kitchen utensils
A small kitchen will look more spacious if the areas in the kitchen are flat and clean from various kitchen utensils. Therefore, choose a flat electric built-in stove, a built-in oven that can be attached to a kitchen cabinet, and even if you have more budget you can choose to use the built-in refrigerator. Apart from saving more space, the built-in kitchen utensils are cleaner and easier to clean because there are no leftover spaces or under the usual dust to catch dust.

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