Tips For Caring For The Printer to Stay Durable in Use

The printer is an electronic device that has become part of the needs of many people. Because the printer has functions ranging from printing documents, photos until now there is also a multifunctional printer that can be used as a scanner innovative digital group. If you have any problem with your printer, you can visit our website and meet the zebra label printer service.

Because of its very important function, the printer must be treated with care so that it does not get damaged quickly. Here are tips on caring for the printer to stay durable in use.

1. Always keep the printer clean
The first tips are the most common but very important tips, which are always to maintain the cleanliness of the printer so that the printer can be durable and durable. When you have finished using it, close the printer with a soft cloth or a special printer cover. Especially in the section to put paper because it is vulnerable to be entered by dust and dirt. If a lot of dust and dirt get in, then obviously it will disrupt the quality of printouts and make your printer quickly damaged.

2. Turn off when not in use
Like humans, printers also need time to rest when they are not in use. Therefore, do not forget to turn off the printer if it is no longer used. With the recovery or rest period, it will make the printer become more durable. Also, note how to turn off the printer is good and right. Do not immediately unplug the cable from the power line. Turn it off by pressing the on/off button until all lights on the printer turn off. After that, then unplug the power cable and USB cable that connects the printer with a computer or laptop.

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