Three Strategies Needed In Doing Instagram Marketing

Instagram users are growing from time to time, currently accounting for more than one billion users. Therefore, Instagram continuously updates and upgrades features that are increasingly attracting users’ interest. So it is not surprising that currently, many business people are using Instagram as a marketing medium as stated at Ehrliches Onlinemarketing. Then how do they use social media to sell their business products?

You must be thinking about how Instagram can work to increase sales in your business. Through content in the form of photos and videos accompanied by captions or short product descriptions, it can encourage buyers to own or use the products you sell. Optimal use of Instagram features such as posts, captions, hashtags, followers, bio, and so on can increase the number of new customers for your business. You can also pay for advertising through the platform according to your needs, for example, post timelines or Instagram stories. Here are strategies you can try in doing Instagram marketing.

1. Create a Community Through Hashtags
Hashtags on Instagram can be said to be almost the same as hashtags on other social media, such as Twitter. Its function is to reach a wider audience. By including hashtags, it is possible for the photos and videos you post to be seen by more people than if you didn’t include the hashtag. You can create a community through hashtags that you can use as a campaign on Instagram or other interests.

2. Promote Your Business Through Cooperation with Outside Parties
Business people are trying to increase product sales through the Instagram platform in various ways. One of them is through collaboration with outside parties, namely by promoting each other’s accounts to the audience. The goal is to accelerate the increase in the number of followers from each of the collaborating accounts.

3. Conformity of Business Trends and Followers
The content strategy that you aim at your followers must adapt to the development of trends, especially for your target market. If you have understood your target market, then you can determine the right photo or video for you to present to your audience.

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