This Is Why R32 Freon Is Expensive

Freon R32 is better when compared to Freon R410A and Freon R22. However, the Freon R32 has one drawback: it is more flammable, although it does not make the air conditioner that uses the Freon to explode or catch fire. That is due to the higher gas pressure on Freon R32 when compared to Freon R410A and Freon R22. But don’t worry, this can be anticipated by using copper pipes which have a thickness of at least 0.6 millimeters when installing air conditioners. In the meantime, if you cannot install this type of air conditioner, you can simply hire the trusted company of air conditioning repair las vegas.

When you install an air conditioner that uses Freon R32, the copper pipe must be vacuumed before it is used, both the pipe is new and the pipe is in use. For pipe sizes of around 5 meters, the vacuum should be done within 10 to 15 minutes. Then, for a 10-meter pipe, the pipe must be vacuumed for a minimum of 20 minutes. For pipe sizes, more than 10 meters, a vacuum in the pipe should be done for a minimum of 25 minutes.

How long does it take to vacuum the pipe depends on the size of the vacuum device used. If you use a vacuum device that has a quarter K strength. If you use a vacuum that has a power of half K then just 5 minutes to clean a pipe measuring 5 meters or two times faster than a vacuum that has a quarter K strength.

This was done with the aim of ensuring that there was not the slightest amount of water vapor or dust left on the inner walls of the copper pipe. It’s because compressor oil on air conditioners that use Freon ac R32 is very sensitive to water vapor and dust even if only a little.

So if your AC plugs are determined not to vacuum the copper pipe, you can be sure your AC compressor will be damaged or broken before the warranty period ends. If this is the case then, of course, the factory will not want to be responsible because the fault lies not in the defective product, but because of the negligence of the AC installer.

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