This Is The FBW Flight System In Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 cockpit is slightly different from Boeing. There are no control levers for pilots and co-pilots. The question is how the plane is controlled. Yes, with the fly by wire system, a pilot “makes it easier” to control the plane with just a joystick-like playing a game. This flight system uses electronic signals to convey commands. However, that does not mean this system replaces human muscles. The pilot still plays an important role in controlling the joystick. Of course, if on autopilot, all control is regulated by a computer system. Additionally, if your ball screws that support your plane’s FBW system are damaged, we recommend you to call some of the best superior ball screw repair experts near your area.

The fly by wire system has a computer to process data supplied from various sensors in the aircraft so that sometimes the performance of the fly by wire system is not synchronized with the operator’s wishes (pilot). However, in an emergency situation that requires quick pilot decisions, control can still be taken over by the pilot quickly. In principle, the pilot gives orders and the command will be imported by the computer into the fly by wire data and the aircraft follows the pilot’s orders.

Just to illustrate, when a pilot wants a plane to fly straight, then fly by wire actually tries hard so that the plane can fly straight by correcting all disturbances that can make the plane turn (a wind push from the side, air pressure that makes the plane turn, etc.)

Meanwhile, when the plane is deflected by the pilot, there may be some commands from the pilot that are ignored by the fly by wire system, with the aim that the turns can be comfortable, not stalled, or endanger the aircraft structure

With this thinking control system, the pilot’s work becomes lighter, such as turning, the pilot will just turn, no need to think about various information in detail, if the turn is too dangerous, then fly by wire will correct it automatically.

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