This Is How To Prepare Yourself For Catching Milkfish

In order for the milkfish fishing activities to be enjoyable and can provide satisfying results, various preparations must be made. Additionally, you must prepare more if you want to catch this fish while traveling at the same time, so we recommend you to check out some travel fishing combo offers.

The preparations are as follows:

Protect yourself from sunburn

Fishing activities are generally carried out in open places. Likewise, fishing for milkfish. Moreover, milkfish fishing is generally located on the edge of a very hot sea. Being in the open for a long time will make anglers exposed to excessive sunlight.

 Bring fishing rod

We recommend that you carry more than one fishing rod. Because, as already mentioned, milkfish has the potential to create problems with fishing rods, such as the thread caught with other anglers’ threads, breaking up, or the rods falling into fishing ponds.

To anticipate the emergence of these possibilities, the rods carried should not only be one fruit. So, if a problem arises, there are still other rods ready to be used and fishing activities can be continued.

Bring enough drinks

Being in the hot sun will make thirst attack immediately and the body quickly loses fluids. If the need for fluids is not immediately met, the body can become dehydrated. This is certainly not good for health. Thirsty torment can reduce the fun of fishing. So, it’s better for fishermen to equip themselves with enough drinks.

Bring gloves or washcloth

This equipment is needed to overcome the agility of the milkfish when it is released from the hook. Washcloths or gloves will help to keep the fish from being easily taken off the hook.

Prepare the right bait

To attract the attention of milkfish, the bait used should be adjusted to the type of feed that is usually given by the owner of a pond or fishing pond, it can be pellets or bread. Bait should be placed in a closed container so that it is not easily dry by the heat of the pond weather. Milkfish bait should be made with a size that is not too large. This is because the milkfish’s mouth is also small.

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