This Is How To Make A Bow String

To make bowstrings, take skinny camel skins that have starved for the winter and haven’t had time to get fat by the time spring comes. The younger the camel, the better the skin. Soak in cold water, avoiding the use of salt completely. Then cut it into three parts: two sides, and one back. Hang the back on a piece of wood, weigh it down, and hold it. Then scrape with a sharp metal knife until it is completely clean of all the meat. Then cut into strips with a width that is twice the width of the finished yarn, unless the skin seems too thin it should be cut a little wider, and where it is too thick, a little narrower; because if it is cut flat, the thick part will become too thick in the finished product and the thin part will become too thin. Both are serious drawbacks. Aside from that, if you also need some strings for crossbows, then you must see some of the most recommended Crossbow Strings.

Therefore, take care to cut it as directed, so that the finished bow thread is even and of uniform thickness. Perform the same operation on the sides except in this case the strip must be cut two and a half times wider than the finished yarn. The Bow String should be rough in three places; namely the place or position of the arrow on the string and the part that forms the two eyes. The strip must then be taken to a dark room where no air can enter and hung on nails that run along with the board on the wall.

At the end of each strip, you make a hole and insert a small piece of wood into it; then — taking the wood with one hand — began to twist it carefully and attentively, and at the same time, stretch it while rubbing it with something rough in the other hand. Once you’ve twisted and rubbed enough, then apply weights — the heavier the weights attached to them the better — until they are pulled to their maximum limit, and leave them like that for a few days to dry completely. Then clean and use.

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