This Can Be An Effective Way To Clean Your Furnace

First, you need to check if the device has cooled, then remove the burner part from the furnace. After that, the divider must be cut off and their holes must be cleaned with a needle or similarly thin object. Aside from that, if you are not confident in cleaning your furnace yourself, you can always call the trusted Furnace cleaning services in your city.

However, before starting the procedure, you must do this:

Make sure to turn off the gas and let the burner cool.
Open a vent or window in the kitchen.

This is necessary to remove the grid and break the divider.
Then you need to remove the furnace, inside you can find the nozzle in the form of a small hole.

Use paper or wire clips to clean holes.

Then you have to return the grates and furnace to their proper place.

Instead of these instruments, such as strings, needles, syringes, pins, etc. are also used.

After your preparation is complete, you will need a small volume bowl that must be filled with water (preferably hot). Prepare a solution of water and detergent in a ratio of 10 to 1.

This is necessary to reduce the combustion elements that are disassembled into the mixture for a few minutes (up to half an hour), and if there is a lot of dirt on it, then you can store the water in for several hours.

After a certain period of time, rubber gloves must be worn. Clean the dirt on the device elements with a hard kitchen sponge. Furnace gas lines are easy to clean with a toothbrush.
Then it is necessary to wash the parts with water (warm temperature) to rinse the remaining cleaning material.

Next, you must wipe everything using a napkin or towel, or put dry elements.
When everything is dry, you need to collect a furnace.
Pay attention! It is not recommended to use hard brushes or metal scrapers during this procedure, because this tool damages the furnace layer.

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