Things to Know About WiFi Booster

The internet is one of the main human needs. Without a stable connection, many activities and work are interrupted. For that, you need a Wi-Fi signal booster or wifi booster. Wi-Fi booster functions to capture signals from the main router and pass it to areas that are difficult to reach by the main router. Today, there are various Wi-Fi signal booster products that you can find on the market. In order not to confuse, we will review the things that need to be considered before choosing a Wi-Fi signal booster.

A Wi-Fi signal booster or Wi-Fi booster is a device that receives radio waves from a wireless LAN router. Then, the device passes the Wi-Fi signal to the slave unit or receiving devices, such as a smartphone or PC. The Wi-Fi booster function is to amplify and expand the range of the Wi-Fi signal coming from the main router. This device is especially useful if your room is hard to reach by Wi-Fi signal or your Wi-Fi connection drops frequently. To be sure, you can use a smartphone to measure the internet connection speed before and after using the Wi-Fi booster. You can check if the connected connection has improved or not. Therefore, you should install a Wi-Fi booster in a place that has the potential to increase your internet connection.

The Wi-Fi signal booster must be adjusted to the communication speed of the parent router. For example, the main router speed is 433 Mbps to 867 Mbps or higher. Thus, you must select a Wi-Fi booster with a connection speed within that number range. This is because the Wi-Fi booster cannot perform any better than the master unit’s performance. If you buy a high-spec Wi-Fi booster, but the master unit is old, the connection will not be optimal. Therefore, you need to know the standard connection speed of the main master unit. Then, then choose a Wi-Fi booster with the appropriate connection standards. The standard connection speed on this Wi-Fi booster is usually written in the specification table listed on the outer box.

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