Things To Consider To Maintain Car Tires

Like many other parts of the car, the tires need replacement when it started to wear or damage. But there is no way to know the exact age of the tire. The life span and mileage of a tire depends on a combination of factors like the design, driver’s habits, weather, road conditions and the maintenance of the tire. Before Visite o site of Gilson to purchase a new tire, here are the things you need to maintain your tire.

1. Always remember the number five years. After using it for five years or more, your tires must be inspected thoroughly at least once a year by a professional. The maximum is ten years. If the tire has not been replaced after 10 years from the date of production, as a precaution, Michelin recommends replacing the tire with a new tire. Although the tire looks like it can still be used and has not shown an indicator of tire wear. This also applies to spare tires.

2. Proper care will extend tire life. If you maintain good tire pressure, tire wear indicators, spooring and so on, you can extend the life of the tire. For original equipment follow the vehicle manufacturer’s tire replacement advice. Many factors can damage a tire, the physical factors usually are the age of the tire, wear, and damage. Meanwhile, road conditions such as holes, obstacles, sidewalks, sharp objects, speed bumps could also damage a tire. You also need to be careful of the weather like extreme temperature, rain, snow, and ice.

Driving habits like speeding up, drive fast and brake suddenly, drive on damaged roads, pay no attention to changes in controls, sound, or vibration and do not consult with a professional when a change occurs could make the tires easily worn out and need to replaced more often than it should be. To make sure your tire could last as long as it should, you also need to avoid improper use like use summer tires in snow and ice, combining two different types of tires, using wheel sizes and rims that don’t match or installing tires that cannot speed and load index are at least equal or higher than the standard set by the vehicle manufacturer.

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