These Middle Eastern Women Clothing Types Are As Good As Abayas

In addition to the abaya, there are also typical Arabian clothes that are also famous, the robe. Unlike the abaya which is generally worn by women, the robe can be regarded as unisex Muslim clothing. This means that these clothes can be worn by women or men. The shape is similar to an abaya, in the form of a loose cloth worn to cover the entire limb, and extends to the ankles. Like Abaya, the robe has now undergone a transformation from a simple piece of loose cloth to an up-to-date fashion icon. The robe you must collect at least one in your wardrobe. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy some new abayas, you might want to check out the abaya wholesale.

In addition to the robe, Khimar can be said to be a long hijab. Khimar covers head hair and extends down to cover the neck, chest (plus back) loosely to the waist.

In the Qur’an, khimar is also called humor, the definition is more or less the same as what was explained earlier. Intended to make the body protected while appearing cool, civilized, and polite according to Islamic guidance.

Aside from that, Niqab is similar to khimar, only it has a face covering to leave only the visible part of the eye. The face-covering is generally separate from the niqab. Niqab length to the waist so that it covers this part and the back. The niqab is generally worn by Arab women, although now it is also starting to be worn by some Muslim women in the country.

Additionally, you might also want to know about chador. As mentioned earlier, the chador can be said to be an Iranian version of an abaya. Iranian women generally wear a chador when traveling. The shape of the chador is like an abaya, in the form of a long cloth worn to cover the entire body.

The chador is generally equipped with an instant veil or headscarf that only covers head hair, neck, but does not cover the face.

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