These Are Some Causes Of High Turnover Rate In A Company

Too high employee turnover is a problem, both for the HR team and for the company. There are many reasons why this is a disadvantage. For example, if an employee from a company resigns a lot, then the company needs to do the recruitment process again to get new employees. Certainly, you also need to check their police records again so you need to use police check online. This of course will waste time and money. In addition, there are also negative effects that must be borne by the company, ranging from decreased work productivity to the company’s bad image.

Therefore, to overcome these conditions, companies need to know what are the main causes of employees leaving the company, such as:

1. The burden of inhumane work

A very heavy workload and more time than work will make employees easy to decide to resign from the company. Therefore, companies need to share the workload of their employees equally. In order for productivity to increase without burdening one person or certain division. In addition, the company should conduct periodic surveys of employee opinions on the work of employees. This can be an effective turnover prevention effort.

2. Employees feel they have no opportunity to develop

If your company does not provide something meaningful to employees, it does not make it grow, of course, it is not impossible that employees will leave your company. One important point is the improvement of knowledge or self-quality to the employees’ career paths. Try to hold activities that can improve employee self. For example, workshops or training in employee work fields. Not only the field of work, other knowledge such as language lessons can also be a special attraction where employees will feel themselves better.

3. Employees do not like the behavior of superiors

The boss’s unpleasant behavior can be one of the reasons why an employee wants to change jobs. Good boss behavior is very important because it can affect the satisfaction of employees. A good boss should be willing to give sincere appreciation and praise for the performance of each employee. In addition, a good boss must be able to be a good listener, willing to admit mistakes, see things from a different perspective, and appreciate the contribution of each employee.

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