These 6 Minimalist Gate Designs Can Be Perfect For Your House Exterior

For those of you who live in housing, sometimes the design of the house and gate has been determined. The gate design must have something in common with other houses. In general, a gate is made of iron with a minimalist or intricate design. However, don’t worry you can also request a separate design according to your wishes. What materials are they made of and with what minimum budget? Making electric sliding gates costs a lot of money but they are usually worth the cost due to their designs and security features. It is undeniable that only luxurious and large houses can have it.

This time, you can check out these 6 minimalist designs to make sure you have an excellent gate for your house:

1. Wood Design

The design of the house using wooden slats that are painted white can create a bright impression. Make interesting shapes on woodcuts. Make it short, similar to a country house design.

2. Wood and Wire Combination Design

Combination of wood and wire. The wires are made like nets which are then given wood on the edges as reinforcement. Paint the wood in a natural colour such as brown or black.

3. Rock Design

Utilizing natural rocks is a unique idea. You can choose stone, brick, or adobe. Arrange the stones neatly, if necessary glue them with a mixture of cement and sand. Don’t forget to give your minimalist gate a material made of wood or aluminium.

4. Bamboo Design

Bamboo slats that are lined evenly between distance and height can create a beautiful impression. Choose a good bamboo with a bright colour such as yellow or green. You can also provide image designs in the form of plants, animals, or writing.

5. Zinc Design

You can also use zinc gate designs. Arrange good zinc around the house. Glue the zinc to each other with nailed wood. Finished zinc paint to give a modern impression.

6. Wall and Bamboo Combination Design

The combination of walls and bamboo is also suitable. You can make these gates alternate. First the wall, then the neatly arranged bamboo, then another wall, another bamboo and so on. This will create a unique and classic impression.

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