There Are 8 Excellent Choices Of Minimalist Home Paint Colors

In addition to interior design that should be carefully thought out, you should think about exterior design. For example, choosing a house paint color that looks simple but elegant. The selection of exterior wall paint colors is an important point to show the impression of luxury in your dream home. It’s because color can describe the identity of its inhabitants. However, if the exterior of your home paint color becomes dull, you can clean it by hiring a good Pressure Washing company.

Here are 8 choices of minimalist home exterior paint colors. You can choose to apply to your dream home.

1. Classic colors

Classic colors usually combine beige and bright white. To make it look attractive and not boring, you can add exterior lights or lantern types near the entrance.

2. Gray

Gray can make a house look modern and timeless. If the walls are painted in gray, then apply bright colors for the doors and white for the wood on the edge of the window.

3. Putty color

Putty or dark gray color is similar to light gray but slightly brown. This color tends to be neutral for minimalist home exterior paint. To make it stand out, you can add wood or black paint for shutters.

4. Blue

Blue can mean radiating enthusiasm. The latter color that is popular for home exterior design is grayish blue with a touch of white lines. Blue paint is naturally suitable for minimalist homes with terraces or walkways.

5. Sage green color

In the United States, the color of sage green is quite popular. This color is suitable for a minimalist home that has a small garden in the yard.

6. Yellow

The appeal of the color of the yellow house’s exterior can capture a pleasant charm. If you want to apply it, you should choose a pastel yellow color or not too bright.

7. Wood color

If the gray color is often associated with modern style homes, the wood color can give a warm impression. If necessary, we can combine gray and wood to build a minimalist house in a contemporary style.

8. White

If our minimalist home is built between plants or landscapes, there’s no harm in using bright colors like white. This color can add contrast without fear of being too flashy.

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