The Types of Search Engine Optimization

In the recent time, the SEO has been one of the most important things to the success of online business. If you are looking for the SEO, seo expert london will be one of the best partners that can make you becomes one o

There are 3 types of SEO techniques, which are used in the SEO Company: White Hat, Black Hat, and Gray Hat. The three techniques are certainly the techniques to increase website and blog in order to achieve high rankings on search engines. Differences of the 3 seo techniques types are only the seo strategies undertaken to get the great increase in search engine traffic with long-term effects. The followings are the definition of three types of seo technique that you need to know and apply to improve the SERP of your website:


This seo technique follows the rules of search engines, and you could say this technique is a clean way. But, this seo technique requires patience and diligence. The technique is done to ensure that published articles are original articles with the appropriate content titles. This is exactly the good and safe way to do, which eventually rank high on search engines conveniently. The example of white hat techniques can be as the followings:
– Optimization of the URLs
– Template or Display
– On-Page optimization
– Meta Tag
– Keyword optimization.
– Content optimization.
– Link Building Quality
– Backlink Quality.

These SEO techniques are the opposite of white hat, the way that the webmaster does is certainly a way that violates the rules of the search engines. Using black hat techniques usually are quicker to raise the position in SERP. But, it can not necessarily guarantee will last a long time, This technique is done aggressively in building the web link as the support thousands of backlinks in a short time. The examples of black hat techniques are the example:
– Keyword Stuffing
– Repetition title
– Hidden text and links.
– Interlinking.
– Livestock Link.
– Comment Spamming.


This is a seo technique that merge the white hat seo and the black hat seo. Like leaving but did not leave entirely, but to find a gap between the two techniques, if any other term you could say this technique using black hat, but to achieve the white hat.

The three seo techniques type above are the ways that are usually done by master seo to increase their website on search engines. But, if you want to choose the right SEO services, you can choose white hat seo technique.

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