The Tensest Rafting Locations in the World

For true adventurers, White water rafting bali will be fun. This challenging activity carried out on rubber while crossing the river is very exciting if done to kill time in spare time. If you want to feel the sensation of rafting that is really maximized, try the best rafting tour in the world could be an option.

1. Zambesi River, Zimbabwe

Not excessive if this river can be named as one of the best and most famous rafting tours in the world. The location of this region is even under the swift flow of Victoria Falls. Equipped with views of the typical African safari around it. Not only can enjoy the adrenaline race, but the visitors were also treated to views of flocks of animals and vegetation that live wild in the wild. Get ready to meet with crocodiles, elephants to hippos directly from a short distance. An infinite number of path crossings, this is heaven for those who are hungry for challenges.

2. Tatshenshini-Alsek River, Canada

For residents of tropical countries, the best white water rafting tour is between Canada and Alaska. Not only the swift river and beautiful vegetation around it, but you will also be treated to views of glaciers, icebergs, and tundra that really look great when you see from the river. For the fauna, you might meet bears, moose, and free-swimming salmon. While rowing with the team on a rubber boat, your eyes will be spoiled with animals you’ve never met before.

3. Middle Fork River of Salmon, United States

This is one of the best and biggest rafting tourist spots in the entire American continent with an area of 2.7 million hectares. Even so, this place is suitable for beginners who want to try out some rafting techniques such as how to row and jump. One unique thing that we can only find here is its rafting path which is in a tunnel that was formerly a gold mine.

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