The Kibo Code Explains How Dropshipping Works

Dropship is a model of selling goods that is currently a trend used by online resellers. In this way, resellers can market their goods without having to stock them. All the packing to shipping process is done by the seller’s online shop where the reseller partners as a dropshipper. With the rise of social media and e-commerce, this has become a land for resellers to market goods. Their capital is only in the form of product images, descriptions, and prices. This product information is uploaded to social media/e-commerce then just waiting for the order to come in. For social media such as Instagram / Facebook, the network of friends or followers will affect the size of the target market. The more network of friends or followers the greater the target market for the products being sold. People who sell with the dropship scheme are known as dropshippers. Most of the dropshippers sell on the side to get an extra income. However, some start dropshipping as a side job but eventually make this profession their main income. You can be such a person if you visit and join an online course that trains new dropshippers.

This is the procedure:

The dropshipper will initially look for suppliers who can be invited to work with and meet the following criteria:

– Product prices provided by suppliers are cheap and competitive

– supplier serving dropship orders

– suppliers provide pictures and detailed product information

With the 3 criteria above fulfilled, dropshippers can start marketing their products on social media/marketplaces. The dropshipper will upload a product image and complete the description. After that, just wait for the order to come in. If there is an order, the dropshipper will process it through the supplier with a dropship mechanism. Learn more with

How much profit is there?

The profits obtained are relatively by the wishes of the dropshipper itself. Ideally, by taking a margin of 10% -20%, dropshippers will get a pretty good profit because the operational costs incurred are relatively small.

Based on our observations so far, dropshippers selling on the marketplace have a much bigger turnover than those who sell on social media, especially if the online store that is owned in the marketplace already has a good rating.

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