The Cause Of Molar Cavities

It is important to maintain healthy teeth from an early age. It is suggested to have your teeth checked at least once in 6 months in Dr Sherry Powell clinic in West Columbia. The most common dental health cases are cavities in molars. This is because there are still many who are afraid to visit the dentist to check their teeth regularly. Though checking your dental health regularly every 6 months is very important to maintain dental health. The beginning of the cavity in molars you may not immediately feel. Because teeth that are perforated only form invisible subtle holes. But if the invisible hole is not treated immediately it will become a large hole again. Increased perforated teeth will cause unbearable pain. If your teeth already have a hole like that it will be even more difficult to handle.

Several causes can cause your molars easily cavities, the most common is dental anatomy. Molar teeth have protuberances and also indentations and this can cause molars easily cavities from canines and incisors. Because there is a dent in the molars, it causes food to be easily tucked and difficult to clean. If you brush your teeth incorrectly then the food that is tucked will remain in the molars. The position of molars is at the very back compared to incisors. that’s what causes molars very easily cavities. To brush your teeth, you also need to brush your teeth thoroughly. Tooth function is also the reason why molars easily have a cavity. The molars become more easily perforated because it has the function of chewing food. our habit to chew with molars, and not accompanied by dental care cause more cavities. especially on the molars.

The beginning of cavity problems is usually very difficult to detect. You only find out if it has formed a large hole, and also already feels pain. Cavities are generally experienced by children, and not infrequently adults also experience this problem. The main source of the emergence of cavities is food that has a sweet taste. If you like sweet foods or drinks, you should also balance it with regular dental care. By brushing your teeth 2 times a day with fluoride toothpaste.

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