Stimulate The Brains With Sounds

One of the efforts made to overcome the problem of sleep disorders is binaural beats therapy. Binaural beats therapy is a therapy that utilizes the power of the human brain by providing a stimulus to the brain to maximize all functions and potential of the brain when the brain is functioning and working optimally. All the potential that exists within will also develop optimally and produce maximum results as well as you can see at Holosync reviews. Binaural beats are the difference in sound captured between the left and right ears.

Binaural beats are auditory brainstem responses originating in the superior olivary nucleus as a result of different auditory frequency stimuli applied to each ear. The sound frequency used is 120 Hz in the right ear and 110 Hz in the left ear, the difference in sound between the right and left ears is 10 Hz. so that the body will be in a relaxed and calm condition with optimal brain potential so that it is expected to improve sleep quality

Binaural Beats are brain waves that occur when someone is experiencing relaxation. Binaural Beats itself has a frequency of 12 Hz. The brain wave frequency of 12 Hz is the frequency for controlling the conscious and subconscious mind. The sound heard by the respondent has two different frequencies, the difference is 12 Hz where the left ear sound is heard as a single sound, and the sound played in the right ear is also heard as a single sound, and when the brain is played together produces a third sound that is perceived, which is called a binaural beat.

The difference in the pitch of the highest and lowest waves should not be more than 25 Hz. The brain has limited power to distinguish two sound waves that are caught by the ear. If the difference between the two waves exceeds 25 Hz, the brain will perceive that the two waves are the same.

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