Steps to do FRP Lining

Then how is the process of implementing this Fiberglass Lining? The Fiberglass coating process, it is best divided into 3 processes, namely the grinding process, the layering process, and also the top coating process. What is the flow of this process? Here is the review from Industrial coatings company usa:

Grinding process
This process is the first process you do after the development process is complete. When the building process is complete and the surface of the parts to be and coat is dry, then start this process. This process is done by scraping the surface of the product you will be a coating. This scraping process is scraped using a tool such as a wire brush or sandpaper so that the surface becomes rougher. This rough surface is intended to make the coating easier to do and the coating to stick more.

Lining layer process
Next is the lining layer process. The lining layer process is a process that is carried out after the erosion has been carried out. This process is carried out by layering layer by layer repeatedly. The coating is carried out in stages starting from 1 layer to n layers as needed. Each coating is done after the previous layer is dry and after making sure there are no air bubbles.

Top coating process
This is the last process carried out in the FRP lining. This process is the process of applying resin to the last layer of the FRP lining. This layer is a layer that is used to give a glossy effect to the fiberglass layer and provide protection. It can be given this top coating resin can be mixed by using additional additives during the last coating with the aim of not sticking. In addition to adding additives, this last coating can also be added by using paraffin and pigments to give color to the fiberglass layer.

It is very easy not to give this Fiberglass coating to the product but if it is not done properly by the right service, then the process may fail due to a lack of service experience in providing fiberglass coating.

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