Some Reasons Why You Are Amazed By Magic

Magic is one of the oldest and most successful performing arts the world has ever seen. It all started in the 19th century, where magic was used as an act to entertain people. At that time, magic was seen everywhere, from TV shows, theaters, to even birthday parties. You can also bring a gold coast magician to your home for various family events.

Some people may not be able to shake off their memories of magic tricks they have seen. If you are one of them, maybe the following reasons make you amazed by magic shows.

Interested in something that can’t be explained logically

Every magician always tries to present magic that is difficult for human reason to accept. For example, there is a signed card that suddenly disappears from the magician’s hand, a few seconds later you realize that the card has moved to your shirt pocket. Moreover, you will always get a sensation when you see something happen that cannot be explained logically. How could a person be split in two without dying and then suddenly reattached his body without a single scratch?

It’s nice when you get a feeling of amazement

Everyone loves to be surprised. Surprised by a friend when it’s your birthday, you’re happy, let alone surprised by a magician who incidentally can do something beyond logic. Practically, you will feel amazed by whatever the magician does.

After all, some magicians had special abilities like being able to read people’s minds. You will surely be amazed when the magician manages to know what you are thinking right then and there.

Something terrible will become entertaining in magic

Magic can reconcile our minds to something we see. Just imagine this, when you see people split in two, of course, it’s a terrible thing. However, when the incident is put into the context of magic, anyone who watches it will be amazed and give applause. That’s why we admire magicians. Magic is considered as something to broaden our horizons about the strengths we have while making us aware of how weak a person’s mind is.

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