Sharp as a Razor’s Slice Like a Pro: A Complete Guide to Sharpening Kitchen Knives

Sharp kitchen knives are necessary for a home cook to prepare meals quickly and safely. But honing your knives might be a difficult chore. So to help you sharpen your knives like an expert, we at knife sharpening london have produced detailed instructions.

1. Choose the proper sharpening stone

Selecting the proper sharpening stone before you begin honing your knives is crucial. We advise using a sharpening stone with two sides, one with a coarse grit (about 1000) and the other with a fine spirit (around 6000).

2. Prepare the sharpening stone

Prepare your sharpening stone by giving it at least 10 minutes in water. This will allow for a smoother sharpening process and prevent the stone from clogging with metal shavings.

3. Finding the correct angle

Depending on the sort of knife you have, this will vary. We advise sharpening a chef’s knife at a 20-degree angle. It is recommended to hold a Japanese knife at a 15-degree angle.

4. Start sharpening

Start by setting the knife’s heel at the desired angle on the sharpening stone. Next, hold the sharpening stone in one hand and the knife in the other. Then, move the blade back and forth along the rock while maintaining the tip.

5. Repeat on the opposite side.

Repeat the technique on the other side of the blade after you’ve sharpened the first side. Keeping the same angle throughout the sharpening procedure is crucial to guarantee a constant edge.

6. Refine the edge

Use the fine-grit side of the sharpening stone to polish the edge after you’ve honed the blade on both sides. This removes any burrs or rough areas, leaving the knife’s edge smooth and sharp.

7. Strop the knife

Finally, sharpen the knife’s edge with a leather strop. By doing this, you can get rid of any last burrs and keep the blade razor-sharp.

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