Recognize A Military Diet Before Looking for An Alternative to It

The military diet is touted as an extreme diet pattern because it can lose weight up to dozens of kilograms in a period of one month. Conceptually, the military diet focuses on limiting strict calories. The system can be done weekly repeatedly until it reaches the desired weight. If you want to do it but are not too able, you can search for a military diet substitute.

Before that, you must know about the military diet first.

A glimpse of the military diet

This method can lose weight in lightning, and the application of this military diet reaps pros and cons. Apart from that, some testimonials say that the diet is effective in losing weight.

A military diet offers results that can lose weight of around 4-5 kilograms in one week.

The military diet or also called a three-day diet is divided into two phases in a week.

The first phase is the first three days a week which requires a strict diet with around 1,100-1,400 calories per day.

While the second phase of the next four days freed to consume anything as long as it still limits calories to 1,500 kcal per day. Theoretically, this weight loss is caused by a calorie deficit factor.

When you limit the number of calories or carbohydrates, body fluids will automatically shrink because the body’s glycogen deposits decrease.

How safe is the military diet?

A military diet is still relatively safe if it is not done for a long period of time. If done in the long run, it is feared that it can cause malnutrition in the body and trigger other health problems.

A strict diet that is run continuously will not be effective in losing weight. Instead, it makes the weight easy to go down but quickly goes up.

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