Real Estate Investing

Property is a profitable investment. Properties are proven to consistently experience price appreciation. The values ​​will not be the same from year to year. Not only as an investment, but the property is also the only physical investment that can protect yourself and your family from all weather conditions. The question that is often asked is about what is a fair price for the property to be sold. These questions are related to how to do an appraisal for the price of the house for sale. There are also frequent asked questions on property buying websites that people heard. ​How reasonable is the house to sell for a certain price? Is it too expensive or too cheap?

Micro Factors

The micro factor is a factor that comes from the facilities around the residential area that are traded. You can study the facilities surrounding the housing area that you are selling. Property prices close to elite shopping centers such as malls will be more expensive than houses around traditional markets. Likewise with the transportation infrastructure and the strategic level of access to housing.

A house or apartment that is strategically located will be more expensive than similar properties of the same area in a less strategic location. Currently, there is a trend for TOD (Transfer On Death Deed) concept apartments. Apartments with the TOD concept are only a step away from access to transportation The price of an apartment with the TOD concept will certainly be different from apartments that are far from transportation access.

Macro Factors

The macroeconomic situation also affects the value of home appreciation. The Covid-19 pandemic that is currently happening, has resulted in tremendous waves for all sectors of the economy. Property is one of the sectors affected. The pandemic resulted in a high supply of property because many people sold the property because they needed money. This has resulted in a decline in national property prices. For an investor, now is not the time to sell the property but now is the right time to buy property. Why is that?

The fall in house prices created new opportunities to acquire properties at prices a few years ago. This means that you have the potential to benefit tremendously once this pandemic has subsided

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