Radiators and Runways: Perfecting the Art of Radiator Covers Over Skirting Boards in the UK

In the vibrant tapestry of UK home interiors, where each room tells a tale and every detail matters, skirting boards often play a silent yet significant role. Now, imagine introducing another character into this narrative: radiator covers. Radiators, while functional, might not always blend seamlessly with your decor. That’s where the magic of radiator covers enters the scene. Wondering how these two elements interact? Dive into this fun guide on installing radiator covers over skirting boards, brought to you by the skirting aficionados at https://mdfskirtingworld.co.uk/.

Let’s set the stage: You’ve got a splendid room, adorned with beautiful skirting boards. These boards frame your space, adding depth, dimension, and character. Enter the radiator – efficient, yes, but sometimes a bit of a decor disrupter. The solution? A stylish radiator cover.

First up, Measurements Matter! You need to ensure the radiator cover comfortably fits over both the radiator and skirting board. Take accurate measurements of the radiator’s height, width, and depth. Don’t forget the skirting board’s height and projection into the room!

Customise and Cut: Radiator covers available in stores might not always have the cut-out for your skirting board. Fear not! With a saw and a steady hand (or a trusted carpenter), you can create a notch at the base to accommodate the skirting. Remember to sand down the edges for a smooth finish.

Positioning is Key: When placing the radiator cover, ensure it’s level and sits flush against the wall. The cut-out should align perfectly with the skirting board, creating a harmonious look. Secure the cover in place, and voilĂ ! You have a stylish solution that complements both the radiator and skirting board.

Style it Up: The fun part? Decorating! Whether you opt for a grille design that’s modern and sleek or a more intricate pattern that resonates with vintage vibes, the possibilities are endless. Paint the cover to match your walls or make it stand out with a contrasting hue. Either way, it becomes a chic feature in your room.

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