Productive Maintenance

As part of Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an improvement method developed to increase productivity in the work area, by increasing the vapro opleiding operator’s ability to maintain machines so that they can independently perform minor machine maintenance. The benefits of TPM include helping to keep factories and machines in tip-top condition because operators can make minor repairs so that maintenance staff can focus on dealing with more serious problems. The main obstacle to implementing transformation methods such as TPM is how to change basic behavior patterns or corporate culture.

Although difficult, the cultural transformation toward improvement is the most profitable investment for the company. With a culture to always improve, awareness and concern will be created among all employees to maintain and maintain machine performance with the expertise that has been provided by the company. With TPM, operators are expected to be able to deal with common problems that often occur, such as dirty engines, missing nuts, and bolts, rarely changing oil, leaks, abnormal sounds, excessive vibration, dirty filters, and so on. The TPM principle emphasizes the role of the operator who must be able to carry out minor maintenance and repairs if problems arise with the machine so that minor problems on the machine can be immediately resolved without having to wait for the damage to become complex.

TPM as part of the Lean Manufacturing method is proven to be effective in improving and maintaining engine performance, increasing engine life, and saving repair and maintenance costs. This effectiveness is reflected in the 4 benefits that can be obtained from the implementation of TPM, namely:

– Sustainable business culture to improve efficiency
– There is the application of a standardized and systematic approach, where all losses can be prevented
-There is an increase in behavioral patterns and also a predictive mindset from the divisions involved

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