Processing Fruits And Vegetables Into Juice

Healthy living has recently become a trend for young people. Eating fruit and vegetables seems to be a mandatory thing every day for them. To overcome boredom, food innovations certainly need to be implemented to live a healthy and consistent life, one of which is by processing fruits or vegetables like carrots into juices or smoothies. Talking about carrot juices or smoothies must be closely related to the tools, namely the best juicer for carrots that available at this site and the blender. Most people still think that juicer and blender are the same 2 tools because they have the same function.

Even though they have the same function as a food processor, a juicer and a blender have differences that also affect the nutritional processing of these fruits and vegetables. Before you buy the wrong thing, let’s take a peek at the differences between a juicer and a blender. The shape of the juicer and blender is quite different. The blender is shaped like a large glass and has a handle on one side. Inside, 4 blades function to process ingredients and also have a mixing spoon and a cover on top. The speed of the blades in the blender can be adjusted according to the available speed.

The juicer, on the other hand, is larger than the blender and is shaped like a tube, not a glass. At the top, you will find a push stick that functions to push the fruit or vegetable down and then process it. Apart from the different shape on the outside, the inside of the juicer is also very different from the blender. The juicer has 2 tubes, namely a juice tube and a pulp container. Apart from the pulp container, the juicer also has a filter that can separate the juice from the seeds. With such a shape, the fiber content in the juicer will be reduced because there is insoluble fiber which is discharged through the pulp container.

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