Pray For The Awareness Of People In The Coma

Coma is a condition or condition that is in an emergency or it can be said as a medical emergency where a person experiencing a coma will be in an unconscious position for a certain period. You should ask Prayer for healing if the doctor says there is no chance of survival for a comatose person. Believe me, help from God will come soon miracle healing prayer request.

The state of coma is generally associated with the functioning of the brain that has a disturbance both the decline in brain work and the disruption and problems in brain function to the brain stem area. This is what causes a person to be in a coma and unconscious in a certain amount of time.

Generally, coma is also triggered by severe brain injury, brain infection or encephalitis, and alcohol poisoning.
Someone who is in a coma position usually also can not respond to the people around him even though the reflex movement system in people who are in a coma can still function but not as much as healthy people and normal in general.

If someone is already in a coma position then usually that person will also need breathing aids to breathe but not all patients with a coma need it, there are some patients whose lighter cases can still breathe themselves from their body.

Then can someone in a coma still be conscious? The answer is, of course, he still can.
All patients in a coma are still able to regain consciousness as before, but it all depends on how big the part of the brain that can still work and function properly.

When the brain’s condition returns to normal, the patient in a coma can regain consciousness and recover. However, if the patient has been in a coma for too long as it has been more than a month or even a matter of years, then the patient’s chances of recovery are minimal.

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