Not Difficult, This Is An Effective Way To Clean Your Fur Carpet At Home

Not only for decoration, lining the floor with fur carpet at home can increase the comfort of its inhabitants. The reason, carpet fur has characteristics that are soft and soft when stepped on or used as a cushion. However, some people are reluctant to have fur rugs because the treatments look difficult. Fur rugs do need special care to keep them clean, free of mold, and durable. Therefore, you can clean it with Carpet Care Specialists.

But actually, if done correctly, cleaning fur rugs is very easy to do. Here are effective ways to clean the carpet fur.

1. Shake the fur carpet outside the room
Fur-prone rugs become a place of dust and dirt gather. Moreover, dust and dirt are more difficult to see because it is hidden between the carpet hairs. Now, to get rid of dust and dirt, shake the fur carpet every day. Do this outside the room so that dust and dirt do not enter the house.

2. Vacuum the dust with the vacuum cleaner
Apart from shaking the carpet, dirt and dust can also be removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, the tip of the vacuum cleaner must be coated with a cloth first so that the fur on the carpet does not come sucked in. Don’t forget to clean the back of the carpet too. Unwittingly, this part is also prone to dirty.

3. Dry carpets every week
In addition to routinely wiping the carpet and cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner, you also need to dry the carpet once a week to remove the invisible bacteria that stick. Sunlight will also prevent carpet rugs from moisture and unpleasant odors.

4. Eliminate odors with baking soda or baby powder
No need to worry if your fur carpet already smells bad. You can get rid of the odor with the help of baking soda or baby powder. The trick, sprinkle the material on the surface of the carpet thoroughly. Then, leave it for at least 12 hours and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Your fur carpet will return to its original fragrance!

5. Remove the stain with a special baby detergent
Even though it’s been avoided, fur rugs can still be stained accidentally, especially if you have toddlers. But not to worry, stains on the carpet can disappear if you clean it immediately.

Use a mixture of water and special detergent for babies to remove stains that stick. Do not use ordinary detergent. Because the hard detergent content can damage the fur on the carpet. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

6. Don’t sweep the fur carpet
Never clean your fur carpet with a broom, especially with a broom. Rough fibers can make the hairs on the carpet broken and detached. Better, use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner if there is dirt on the carpet.

7. Use professional services
So that your beloved fur rugs are more manicured and cleaner, use professional services to clean it. They can clean stubborn dirt that you cannot clean without damaging the carpet.

In order not to burden household costs, just use the professional services of Tile Cleaning North Shore every few months.
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