Must Know, These 4 Long-Term Effects Of Horror Shows For Children

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If you watch a horror film, of course, you will feel scared screaming when you see a scary scene. However, it is not only adults who can feel scared seeing the scene of the film, small children who watch it can also be affected.

Small children and teenagers can also be affected by the negative effects of watching horror films. Although they may not understand a scene in the film, the repercussions can be long-term.

Then, what are the consequences?

Sleep disturbance
It’s not uncommon after watching a horror film, both adults and children will feel scared. Often they imagine scary things like ghosts, shadows when they close their eyes, even nightmares. This is not a light problem, because they may suffer for weeks, months, even years.

Try to minimize horror shows in children and let them calm down. Overcome sleep disorders in children by giving them their favorite dolls. If this doesn’t work, it’s best to contact a professional therapist.

Phobias and frequent anxiety
According to the Swiss theory of development, Jean Piaget, cognitive development is based on a schema or way of understanding something. As they grow and learn, their schemes change. Many children and teens are not ready to put horror films in perspective, which can cause them to be agitated or suffer from phobias. They also cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Symbolic catharsis
Despite the remaining risks of negative effects, horror films also have an important role in the child’s development process. The long-term effect of watching horror films on children can have an impact on their mindset. This is because children still want to continue to explore themselves about what they are watching.

They also continue to push their fear to a more severe level. Even though they don’t understand it by age, the various scenes that appear can affect it.

Aggression and violence
Apart from music, video games, movies can display violent behavior. Young children generally imitate the behavior of what they see. Graphic violence mixed with adult scenes can also distract a child.

According to WebMD, sadistic films have the potential to damage children’s sensitivity to violence in real life. The Common Sense Media watchdog group recommends avoiding such viewing until the age of 16.

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