Makeup Idea

Do you have a date tonight with your lover? Or you will come to a party and you want to make people fascinated with your appearance? Here are some skincare pakistan ideas that you can use.

– Flirt with Color

It is suitable for women who love to expression through colour. This time you can apply colour on eye makeup and fingers, while the lips still choose natural colours are attractive. If you usually wear black eyeliner, now can choose other colours like electric blue or violet light. Nail polish colour selection can be customised with a choice of colour eyeliner, so you look more attractive appearance.

– Lips in Love

Show how you’re passing the selection of light-colored lipstick. You can choose the colour of bright red lipstick which is then combined with the selection of black eyeliner and sweep mascara to curl eyelashes. Do not hesitate to try different lipstick textures, ranging from glossy / lacquer sparkling attractive, matte soft and durable, or creme/satin smooth and moist.

– Flawless Affair

Makeup selection is very suitable for those who like feminine appearance. Choose makeup to accentuate the beauty of your skin, such as the use of foundation still feels light and damp in the face. Do not forget to give a strong character to the face with thick eyebrows and the appearance in the cheekbone contouring techniques. Brush also highlighted at the top of the cheekbones, so that the face was seen more and more lustrous.

For a woman, the use of makeup can not be separated in day-to-day activities. It must none the less when you are out of the house without wearing make-up at all. But, did you know that the makeup you use, although the packaging is always closed, does not mean powder, eyeshadow, mascara and foundation-mu can be free of bacteria. Makeup that is often used is certainly exposed to dirt and germs. Here’s how you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your makeup.

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