Make Sure You Choose the Right Soap

Everyone wants to have clean, fresh, and comfortable skin after bathing. Choosing the best glowing skin secrets should be adjusted to the type of skin that is divided into dry, oily, or sensitive skin. Make your choice on the types and types of bath soap that are safe and comfortable for the health of your skin impressions by maria. Each person has a personal preference in choosing bath soap. The selection of soap is usually only based on the desire to look clean, fresh, and fragrant. In fact, improper soap selection can make skin dry, itchy, or even irritated. The irritating soap content can also trigger dry, itchy, and reddish skin on sensitive skin types.

Soap is a type of skin cleanser made from a chemical mixture of fats, oils, and fatty acids, and alkaline substances. The type and content of soap are generally affected by a combination of the composition and the main chemical. We often buy soap based on preferences or even because it is affected by advertisements. Even more important is to choose products based on skin type. Especially if our skin tends to be sensitive, dry, or even too oily.

Although it is useful to get rid of impurities and bacteria, unfortunately most soap also removes natural oils produced by the body. Especially for those with dry skin, it is recommended to use soap that contains natural moisturizers and is free of fragrance or alcohol. For example, soap containing sunflower oil, cocoa butter, or olive oil. Also, avoid using detergents or antibacterial soaps, these two ingredients can irritate the skin so the skin tends to become inflamed and can reduce the production of natural oils in the skin. If you have dry skin, besides choosing the right soap, you should also avoid bathing in hot water.

After recognizing your skin type, choose the soap that best suits the needs of your skin.

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