Know Why Your AC Is Malfunctioning

When the Air Conditioning in your house is broken, of course, it is very important to know how to fix it if you do not want to use the englewood air conditioning service. AC is an important part of a house. Especially in urban areas, air conditioning is an inseparable part. By knowing how to fix it we can have a picture of the damage, whether the damage is room or weight. By knowing what happened to the air conditioner, even if it is submitted to the service, you will be more alert. At least we can find out the cost of repairs and the price of air conditioning maintenance in our homes. It is also important to know the estimated cost.

Dealing with AC that isn’t cold is not an easy job. But anyone can do this job, as long as they have adequate knowledge of air conditioning. Therefore, through this short post, we will try to share knowledge with you all about what steps must be taken if we create problems that occur in the air conditioner. Many factors cause an air conditioner to malfunction, but here we will try to explain the common causes of non-cold air conditioners that usually occur in the field. That you don’t worry and make it easier to practice, so the following guide to dealing with a cold air conditioner will explain by the chronology of the problem.

In this case, we make sure that the AC is on, both Indoor and Outdoor, but does not produce cold air at all. This kind of problem is usually caused by a dirty air conditioner, and the freon pressure runs out (there may be a leak). Check if the air conditioner is dirty, whether it is an indoor evaporator or an outdoor condenser, whether there is quite a lot of dust. To the extent that the cold can’t spread to all the rubrics. If it is dirty, it should be serviced/washed if you can do it alone. If you can’t, you can call a reliable AC technician or your trusted AC repairman.

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