Is Circumcision Truly Beneficial For Grown-Up Men?

Currently, circumcision is not only practiced among children but also adult men who are starting to realize the benefits of circumcision for health. Then what are the actual benefits of adult circumcision? Circumcision in adult men not only reduces the risk of HIV / AIDS transmission by more than 50-60 percent. However, it also has many other benefits. Call it the risk of prostate cancer, penile cancer, lowering the risk of urinary tract infections, including sexually transmitted infections. Also, reducing the risk of contracting genital herpes by 28-34 percent. Also, the benefits of adult circumcision reduce the risk of various diseases in the female partner. For example, reducing the risk of HR-HPV for the female partner was reduced by 28 percent, the risk of bacterial vaginosis was reduced by 40 percent, and the risk of trichomoniasis was reduced by 48 percent. Meanwhile, you might also want to visit the circumcision centre in melbourne if you wish to receive the best circumcision treatment for grown-up men.

Not only that, an adult male can be motivated to perform circumcision for various reasons. Circumcision can be performed for religious reasons or because there are medical indications, such as phimosis (the skin covering the head of the penis or the foreskin cannot be pulled), paraphimosis (the foreskin is pulled back irrevocably), and inflammation of the foreskin of the head of the penis. Another reason that is also quite popular is sexual reasons, namely to get more sensation during sex or to satisfy a partner.

For adult circumcision, there are two procedures used, namely the clamp method and the laser method. However, most of the methods applied in modern clinics are the use of lasers. It’s because this method is fast healing and can immediately move later after taking action. Plus, this method has minimal bleeding.

To undergo circumcision, usually, several preparations must be made. Such as preparing mentally so as not to be agitated, checking blood sugar and blood clots through blood tests, and shaving the hair that grows around the penis to reduce infection. The adult circumcision process will take 30-45 minutes.

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