How to use Android Auto Clicker

How to use the Android auto clicker easily. This way it will be much easier for you to scroll automatically. Because of the ease with which Android owners can use, now the use of many applications. You can use various types of auto clicker free applications and download them for free. Almost everyone has an Android device. The important role of Android is now related to daily needs.

Now you can easily get Android with various advanced features. This feature serves to meet the needs of its users. Even though they have used an Android device, there are still many who do not understand the auto clicker. Even though if you know him, of course, how to use the Android auto clicker will be much easier. For that, for those of you who are not familiar with the application, see the full review.

Auto clicker is one of the tools that can work automatically to perform click action. Even this application is quite recommended for Android users. With many interesting features in the application, it makes users more interested. This application will automatically swipe or click by itself. Although it has been used for a long time, there are still many Android users who do not understand how to do it. So that you are not confused, you can follow these steps:

It’s better to use the auto clicker download application first
After you open and install it, just open the auto clicker application
Please select the target mode to be used whether only one point or a button then you can choose a single target mode. But if you click automatically select multi target mode
The next step how to use the Android auto clicker is to enter the settings menu. Set as you want
Press the activate button. If you select single target mode you usually have to align the blue circle with the button to be pressed. Then you can press the play button
If you choose multi target mode, please click activate and click the positive (+) button. This method is to add points as desired. If you want to add more points, just click the positive button again and the play button
Meanwhile, to stop the auto clicker application you can press the pause button.

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