How to Deal with Alcohol Addiction

You need to know, there are a number of factors that can cause a person to get addicted to alcohol. One risk factor is psychological disorders, such as due to stress, depression, and anxiety disorders. Facts show that 20 percent of people with mental disorders who are treated in a mental hospital are those who are addicted to alcohol. The social environment can also be a risk factor. If people in the neighborhood or around our homes like liquor, then it is not impossible that the situation can have an “infectious” effect and we eventually become addicted to alcohol. Meanwhile, you can also visit ayahuasca retreats north america to find an alternative and more natural way of curing alcohol addiction.

Another triggering factor that may trigger a person to become addicted to alcoholic beverages is the genetic family. It is believed that those who have parents or close relatives who are fond of liquor will have a higher risk of having similar habits.

Well if you do not stop immediately from alcohol addiction, it is not impossible your health is disturbed, but it can also cause damage to family relationships, loss of work, damage to mind and body, and one of the main causes of the crime. Here’s an explanation on how to deal with alcohol addiction.

How to Overcome Alcohol or Liquor Addiction?
Actually, it is not difficult to get rid of alcoholism or alcoholism, it must start from self and strong intention to completely quit alcohol addiction. In addition support from others is also decisive. It’s good to ask support from family, friends, people who are respected, and others to stop the process from addictive successfully.

In addition, joining a kind of anti-alcohol community will help determine success. Drinkers who want to stop should apply lifestyle changes, you can apply a healthy lifestyle below:

1. Commit to quit

If you want to really stop drinking alcohol you have to commit to yourself. Throw away alcohol from your mind. You should also know if alcohol is consumed in excess amounts can be harmful to health. Well if indeed you have trouble how to quit alcohol addiction, consult a doctor or consultant about your problem to be helped and resolved.

2. Consume more water

This is the simplest and most effective way to overcome the drinking habits of drinking water. Whitewater can clean toxins in the body. You should consume water around 2-3 liters daily because it can launch the disposal of toxins, including the remnants of the alcoholic beverages from your body.

3. Eat a healthy diet

Alcoholics who want to stop should eat healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Hard spices such as pepper and chili should be reduced. Beetroots juice considered to aid our liver when carrot juice can empower the body defense system. Combine beetroot juice, apples, and carrots because it is able to detoxify the body of impure toxins.

4. Consume supplements and herbs

Some types of herbs or plants and supplements with vitamin B may assist the body reduces the psychological and physical tension that arises during the process of alcohol detoxification. Consult a doctor or herbal consultant, so you can choose a suitable supplement for your own needs.

5. Doing sports

One of the factors people who like to drink alcohol because you are often stressed or depressed. You can relieve regular exercise, do yogic exercise or jog in the morning on a regular basis. With exercise so much potassium is released along with sweat, balance it with more fruit and veggies. melons, tomatoes, bananas, citrus, and various green veggies are also containing a lot of potassium.

6. Conduct therapy

Therapy here means balancing your brainwaves to be more stable in thinking and acting. This therapy works to stimulate your brain so that your brain is able to eliminate negative thoughts from drinking alcohol. Well Here’s an explanation about therapy overcome alcohol addiction.

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