How to Choose the Right Office Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you have a small office then dark colors can make the space feel smaller. In color science, cool colors tend to disappear, which means that they create a sense of depth and therefore can make a room look larger. Warm colors appear to come forward, which means they appear closer than they are and this can mean a small office space with a dark anti-fatigue mat can feel covered. Meanwhile, if your worker stands up all day long, we suggest you give him or her rubber anti-fatigue mats.

Wall-to-wall rugs in one color in a small office can make a room look larger because the floor space isn’t broken up with different colors or textures. Choose a lighter-colored rug or a rug with an appropriately sized pattern. A very crowded pattern or a large pattern can make a space appear smaller.

Dark anti-fatigue mats will show hair or crumbs while light-colored anti-fatigue mats are more likely to show stains. Patterned rugs are the best choice for covering up stains and dirt. anti-fatigue mats with an irregular design facilitate longevity as signs of wear are lessened. Neutral rugs like grays and light browns can match any color scheme and create a neutral backdrop for office décor.

Dark anti-fatigue mats can also fade in direct sunlight.

You can choose a rug that complements your company branding by choosing a color from your company logo or color scheme, either for the entire rug or for a specific area such as a meeting room.

How long can the office anti-fatigue mat last? This will depend on the quality of the anti-fatigue mat and the amount of traffic it receives.

Other factors that affect how long office anti-fatigue mat lasts include:

– Lighter colors are easier to stain
– How the rug has been installed – rugs with padding tend to last longer than rugs placed directly on the floor. Most commercial anti-fatigue mat tiles are installed this way.
– If the anti-fatigue mat is cleaned regularly, this can extend its life.

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